10 Reasons Why Loopmasters is the Go-To Website for DJs & Producers

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Music production has come a long way over the years, from traditional recording studios to digital audio workstations (DAWs) and software plugins. With the rise of technology, music producers now have access to a vast array of tools to create and manipulate sounds, and Loopmasters is a platform that provides them with a collection of high-quality samples, loops, and plugins to enhance their creativity and productivity. In this article, we will explore what Loopmasters is, its benefits, required materials to use it, ways to use it for music production, and more.


What is Loopmasters?

Loopmasters is a UK-based company that was founded in 2003 by Matt Pelling and David Felton. It is a platform that offers a wide range of high-quality samples, loops, and plugins for music producers. Loopmasters has grown to become one of the leading providers of sound libraries and has a reputation for delivering excellent products to its customers.

Loopmasters works by providing users with access to its extensive library of samples, loops, and plugins. Users can browse the library and purchase the products they need, which can then be downloaded and used in their music production. The interface of the platform is user-friendly, making it easy for music producers to find what they need quickly.

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Benefits of using Loopmasters for music production

Using Loopmasters can save music producers time and effort in creating original sounds, as it provides them with a vast collection of high-quality samples, loops, and plugins. The products available on the platform are of excellent quality, and the prices are affordable compared to the competition. Loopmasters also offers a range of tools that help enhance the creativity of music producers, such as its cloud-based service, Loopcloud.

What You Need To Use Loopmasters

To use Loopmasters, you will need a few basic materials. These include a computer, a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), and an optional MIDI controller. Loopmasters is compatible with most popular DAWs, including Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and FL Studio. Once you have these tools, you can begin exploring the library of samples, loops, and plugins on Loopmasters.

Is it possible to create original music using Loopmasters?

There is a common misconception that using samples and loops from Loopmasters is not original. However, music producers can use these samples and loops as a starting point to create original music. Loopmasters provides a range of tools that allow users to manipulate and customize the samples and loops to create unique sounds.

Can you make money from using Loopmasters?

Yes, music producers can use Loopmasters to create music for commercial purposes, such as film, TV, and video games. Additionally, Loopcloud provides users with opportunities to collaborate with other music producers and sell their music online.

Why you should choose Loopmasters for music DJ production?

Loopmasters has a reputation for delivering excellent products to its customers, making it a trusted name in the music production industry. The platform provides excellent customer support, resources, and tools that enhance the productivity and efficiency of music producers.

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Ways to use Loopmasters for music production

There are many ways music producers and DJs can use Loopmasters. You can create beats, melodies, and soundscapes using the samples, loops, and plugins available on the platform. Loopmasters products are versatile and can be used in different genres of music. DJs and music producers are encouraged to experiment and explore the different samples and loops available on the platform to discover new sounds.

Here’s our 10 Reasons Why Loopmasters is the Go-To Website for DJs to Create Unique and Exciting Sounds

1. Top Producers and Sound Designers:

The website features top producers and sound designers, providing you with professional-grade music samples that can take your mixes to the next level.

2. Access to Over 1 Million Samples and Loops:

Loopmasters offers a vast collection of over 1 million music samples and loops in various genres, including hip hop, techno, house, drum and bass, and more. With such a vast selection, you’re sure to find the perfect sound to fit your style.

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3. Quality Commitment:

Loopmasters is committed to quality and works with some of the best producers and sound designers in the industry to ensure that their samples are of the highest standard. You can trust that the samples you’re using are of professional quality, and will sound great in your mixes.

4. Range of Plugins:

In addition to music samples, Loopmasters also offers a range of plugins that can help enhance your DJing experience. Their Bass Master plugin provides a range of preset bass sounds that can add depth and texture to your mixes, while their Plugin Boutique allows you to browse and purchase a range of plugins from various developers.

5. Free Samples and Loops:

Loopmasters also offers a range of free samples and loops, which can be great for experimenting with new sounds and styles.

6. Subscription Service:

They have a subscription service, Loopcloud, which allows you to browse and download samples directly into your DJ software, making it easy to find and use the samples you need.

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7. Exclusive Deals and Discounts:

Loopmasters frequently offers exclusive deals and discounts, so you can save money while expanding your sound library.

7. Easy-to-Use Website:

Their website is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that allows you to search for samples and loops by genre, tempo, key, and more.

8. Regular Updates:

Loopmasters regularly updates its website with new and exciting content, so you can stay ahead of the curve with the latest sounds and trends.

9. Customer Support:

If you have any questions or issues, Loopmasters offers excellent customer support to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

10. Exclusive Labels:

Loopmasters has exclusive labels, providing you with unique sounds and styles that you won’t find anywhere else.

We’ve put together a table of the main features of Loopmasters

1 million+ samples and loopsProvides access to a vast collection of high-quality music samples and loops in various genres
Top producers and sound designersOffers samples created by some of the best producers and sound designers in the industry
PluginsOffers a range of plugins to enhance DJing experience, such as Bass Master plugin
Free samples and loopsProvides a range of free samples and loops for experimentation
Loopcloud subscriptionAllows browsing and downloading samples directly into DJ software
Commitment to qualityEnsures that all samples are expertly crafted and of the highest standard

Final Thoughts

Loopmasters is a reliable and user-friendly platform that offers high-quality samples, loops, and plugins for music producers. It provides a wide range of products that cater to different genres of music, and its affordability and versatility make it an ideal choice for both amateur and professional DJs and music producers. Using Loopmasters, music producers can save time and effort in creating original sounds, while also enhancing their creativity and productivity in music production. So, if you’re a music producer looking for a reliable and efficient platform to create and produce music, Loopmasters is definitely worth checking out.

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