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Best DJ Mixes – Peggy Gou

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Peggy Gou is our next DJ to feature in our “Best DJ Mixes” series.

As a Berlin resident from South Korea, Peggy Gou has honed a mixing style which ties together varying house genres, pulsing techno and quirky disco, pinned together with a great deal of heart and soul. As with many of the DJs we have featured before, her style varies heavily depending on the environment she is performing and, as always, we have tried to capture her best DJ mixes which reflect that.

Here’s 5 of the best DJ mixes by Peggy Gou.


Featuring tracks by: David Kochs, SRVD, Dj Hyperactive

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The first mix is a live recording from the Latexplus festival in Italy in 2019. It’s as memorable for the crowd energy as it is for its musicality, which is sublime by the way. Things starts off with some pretty hard edged house with the set maintaining a solid tempo throughout, with only fleeting moments of downtime (one of which being mid-way through her performance where she drops her own Starry Night production and starts throwing T-shirts into the crowd. Sounds horrible on paper but it went down great with the Italians.)

Phonica Mix Series 26: Peggy Gou

Featuring tracks by:Ron Trent, Mr. G, Gary’s Gang

Number 26 in the Phonica mix series sees Peggy at her best.
The early section see’s Dub reggae giving way to percussive low slung grooves, followed by some nice balearic action. From the half way point Gou delivers a number of deep and bouncy house cuts, including a Todd Terje edit of Gary’s Gang. Trust us, this entire mix is a real treat.

FACT mix 571: Peggy Gou (October ’16)

Featuring tracks by Legowelt, Acid Jesus, Genius Of Time

If you’ve read our stuff before, you’ll know we’re big fans of the FACT mix series. In true Peggy style she starts this one off with some downbeat sax action in the form of DJ Sotofett – ‘Foliage’ (808 Sax Mix). In fact the first half of the mix is a pretty trippy affair. Underground Resistance – ‘Base Camp Alpha 808’ signals the half way point and steers the final part of the hour into a stripped back vintage house set with 909’s and acid lines pulsing in and out intermittently. This really is another high quality Peggy Gou DJ mix.

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Peggy Gou – NTS International Women’s Day Mix- March 2017

Featuring tracks by Masters At Work, Aphex Twin

This one kicks of with some old-skool electro before moving into some rhythmic house and kraftwerk inspired samples. Things keep to a steady pace and the track selection is as equally pulsing as it is discerning. A fantastic, broody late night mix.

Peggy Gou Boiler Room x Dekmantel Festival DJ Set

Featuring tracks by: Masters At Work, Body Culture, Third World

I think we’ve saved the best till last. This is Peggy starting a big fire at the Dekmantal festival back in 2017. At times it has the feel of a backroom party set and at other points it packs a lot of punch. The smiley faces and fist pumps from the audience are testament to the fact that she can read a crowd and pick fantastic underground curveballs with ease.

We hope you enjoyed are “best DJ mixes” by’ Peggy Gou and as always please let us know if we missed any out or if you’d like us to feature any of your favourite DJs in the coming months.

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