Mixtape Course-

Why should I take this course?

This course will teach both beginners and more experienced DJs how to pre-record a professional studio quality DJ mix using Ableton Live and additional key detection software. (“MIxed In Key” software is recommended but alternatives like “Traktor”, “Serato” and “Rekordbox” are suitable.)

We will cover:

  • Selecting and organizing music
  • Mix transitions (including harmonic mixing)
  • Programming your mixtape
  • Making alterations to the mix
  • Mastering

By the end of the course, students will be able to programme a professional, industry-standard DJ mix to host online and share with club promoters and radio stations.

make a dj mix in ableton

Students will also receive a case study in the bonus material which shows the process of recording a music mix for a real-world client.

Module 1 – Preparing Your Music

Module 2 – Mix Transitions

Module 3 – Programming Your Music

Module 4 – Editing Your Mix

Module 5 – Volume Levels & Mastering

Bonus Material

Case Study