the best dj mixes of 2020

The Best DJ Mixes of 2020- garage, techno, breaks, footwork and electronic dub.

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It’s time to round up the best DJ mixes of 2020 – a year that has seen clubs closed and once busy selectors with more time on their hands to explore their collections and refine their sound. 

With no live shows to pick from, we’ve focused on studio mixes and podcasts that have caught our ear as being unique, forward thinking and occasionally reflective. We’ve focused on bass music that has been influenced by the low end of garage, techno, breaks, footwork and the many variations of electronic dub.

Before we start, it’s worth mentioning that we’ve heard so many great mixes this year and this is by no means a definitive list. The best DJ mixes of 2020 is obviously quite subjective but this list is however, a selection of fantastic mixes that have shaken our headphones and put smiles on our faces in difficult times. We hope you like them as much we do. 

1)TAILOR JAE – inverted audio mix 341

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Fearing tracks by- SPD – Ost Frequenz / Smoove Kriminal – Breeze Off / Junglord – Cocaine Epidemic

First up is Tailor Jae, who’s a London selector with a keen eye for low-end club cuts. The mix moves around nicely and introduces traditional dub stabs, rave synths and flex rhythms into a rolling club ready mixtape. 

It’s a testament to the DJ when a number of genres can be thrown together whilst maintaining a seemingly singular linear. Taylor Jae does this effortlessly in this Bass Music DJ Mix for Inverted audio and it caught our ear instantly. 

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SOSO THARPA – truancy volume 265

Featuring tracks by – Mutsumi’s – Collage Panty Smelling / Horsepower Productions- Fat Larry’s Sk*nk / Kush Jones

Here Washington DC DJ/ producer Soso Tharpa curates a club-ready mix of garage, b’more and low-slug afro house beats. It stitches together pretty well, bringing a bouncy, fun loving spirit to the much loved Truants mix series.  

If this mix does it for you then check out his productions over on: 

Future Times + 1432 R

SHANTI CELESTE – ilian tape podcast series 050

Featuring tracks by – SolarX-Hot Cherry / AC- For The Money / Dan Curtin-Indiscret

NTS host and master selector Shanti Celeste turns in one of this years best Bass mixes with an addition to the brilliant Ilian Tape podcast series. 

This mixtape changes genre and tempo freely and takes in influences from mellow electronica, footwork, drum n bass, flex and house. Its a real masterclass in tension building and juxtaposing musical styles. As you would expect, it has gotten plenty of love over on Soundcloud so get out your best headphones and a can of red stripe before heading over there.  

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KATE MILLER – dekmantel podcast 292

Featuring tracks by- DJ Python – ooophi / YOUTH – Diamonds / SNKLS – Isandula

This mix from Australian Kate Miller is awash with intricate rhythms and grooves, floating nicely between DnB, footwork, garage and fresh percussive beats. Its up on the rather good Dekmantal mix series and we highly recommend visiting their page. 

LUKAS WIGFLEX – the land before grime

Featuring tracks by- reservoir dogs – budda finger / Es-G – Get Dirty / Wesley Jay & Shimano ‎- Jazz Music

Last up is a reflective mix that shines a spotlight on the UK scene when garage was mutating into grime (sometime during the early noughties.) Its full of some great bangers from that period and testament to the influence that uk garage has had on electronic music today. Its a good chance to brush up on the roots of grime and also an excuse to turn up the car stereo. 

That’s it for the best DJ mixes of 2020 in the bass genre.

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