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Best DJ Mixes – Ricardo Villalobos

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Our “Best DJ Mixes” feature shines the spotlight on a different leading DJ each week and takes a look at 5 defining DJ mixes they have crafted. This could be a set recorded live, a mix hosted online or something released professionally and licensed through a label. We’re going to kick -off this feature with Ricardo Villalobos who’s one of our all time favourite selectors. We hope you our pick for his best DJ mixes.

Chilean born, Frankfurt raised Villalobos moved to Germany as a child and spent his early years collecting studio gear and listening to the electronic bands of the late 80’s and early 90’s which would lay the blueprint for the house and techno he would later become known for.

Releasing some of his early tracks on the Playhouse label, Villalobos would go on to have a prolific production career releasing music on Perlon, Sei Es Drum and Pressure tracks.

Despite his long list of production credits, he’s also a remarkable D.J, so we’re gonna dig through some of his landmark sets and pick 5 that stand out as being a bit special.

Its actually quite difficult to pinpoint the sound of a Villalobos set because he’s got eclectic tastes. One set may see him play an after hours session where things get extended and minimal and another may reflect his more playful sound which takes in house, disco, electronica and latin beats.


with that in mind, we’ve tried to strike a balance and include a varied selection

1) Ricardo Villalobos – Amnesia, Ibiza – Pyramid closing party (Essential Mix) Sept 2018

Featuring tracks by- Cevin Fisher, Butch and Age Of Love.

This mix was featured on Pete Tongs essential mix series on BBC Radio 1 and was a live recording from his set for the Pyramid closing party at Amnesia in 2018.

This one’s quite a playful mix which moves pretty quickly between deep 90’s house , techno and low slung bouncy stuff.

2) Ricardo Villalobos ‎– In The Mix: Taka Taka – June 2003

Featuring tracks by Mathew Jonson, Luciano and Jabberjaw

This mix was released through Cocoon and really throws light on the sounds that were working in the cool clubs back in the early part of the 00’s. Its much more stripped back compared to the essential mix, not straying too far from the minimal sounds that made him his name. This mix is the blueprint for the perfect after hours selection…. That is if you’re in Ibiza and have consumed large amounts of illegal substances.

3)In Focus: Ricardo Villalobos – August 2019 – NTS Radio

Featuring tracks by- Richardo Villalobos, Carl Craig and Shackleton.

This is the most recent mix we’re featuring here and it’s probably our favourite. Made for NTS radio back in August 2019, it reflects Villalobos’ more experimental side. Stripped back industrial beats sit well next to minimal productions and quirky vocal loops. Perfect for late night headphone listening.


4)Ricardo Villalobos Live @ Sunwaves Festival, Mamaia, Romania – August-2011


Featuring tracks by A man called Adam, NY Latino Lounge and Dewelta.

This one’s a really eclectic party mix and firmly deserves to be in our picks for his best DJ mixes . latin beats sit next to house and jaz edits with quite a bit of decks n fx style performance. This is a great mix to throw on if you want to liven-up the party.

5)Richardo Villalobos – Fabric 36

Includes Tracks by Richardo villalobos (& collaborators)

We’ve included this one as a bit of a curveball as its a mix compiled from his own productions. As always with the fabric mixes, its of a very high standard and a deep discerning selection. This is the perfect mix if you want to get into some of Richardo’s productions.

That’s it for this weeks best DJ mixes with Richardo Villalobos. Let us know if we missed anything or if you’d like us to include one of your favourite DJs.

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best dj mixes