“The Ultimate Guide: Discovering the Best DJ Acapellas Online”

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Are you a DJ or music producer in search of the best DJ acapellas online to elevate your mixes and remixes? Look no further; we’ve got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll not only help you find the perfect acapellas but also shed light on why DJs and producers need them.

Why DJs and Producers Need Acapellas

Before delving into where to find the best DJ acapellas online, let’s understand why these isolated vocal tracks are essential for DJs and producers:

  1. Creative Freedom: Acapellas grant DJs the creative freedom to infuse their signature style into songs by remixing or mashing up vocal elements with different tracks.
  2. Unique Remixes: With acapellas, DJs and producers can create unique remixes that stand out in a saturated music scene.
  3. Live Performances: DJs often use acapellas during live performances to surprise and engage the audience with unexpected vocal drops.
  4. Song Transition: Acapellas are handy for transitioning smoothly between songs, adding a layer of excitement to DJ sets.

Now that we understand the significance of acapellas, let’s explore the top platforms where you can find them.

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1. Acapellas4U

The Best DJ Acapellas Online

Acapellas4U is a treasure trove for DJs and producers seeking high-quality acapellas for remixing. They offer a vast collection spanning various genres and BPMs. Accessing this resource is free, but registration is required for downloads. Explore the world of acapellas at Acapellas4U.

2. Looperman

Looperman is a popular destination for DJs, providing a wide range of acapellas, samples, and loops. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the search for the perfect acapella. Looperman offers both free and paid downloads, with membership options for exclusive content. Navigate to Looperman to uncover hidden gems.

3. Voclr.it

Voclr.it stands as a dedicated platform for finding the best DJ acapellas online. Their vast collection spans genres like EDM, hip-hop, and pop. While a free account grants limited access, a premium account offers unlimited downloads. Elevate your mixes with Voclr.it at Voclr.it.

4. Remixpacks

Remixpacks is a DJ’s paradise, offering remix stems, acapellas, and sample packs. Their extensive collection covers genres such as dance, pop, and hip-hop. You can explore both free and paid options, including subscriptions for unlimited access. Visit Remixpacks to unlock your remixing potential.

5. Producer Spot

While Producer Spot primarily sells sample packs, their vocal-only packs are affordable and comprehensive, covering various modern-day dance genres. Keep an eye on their library updates to stay ahead of the curve.

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6. Create Your Own DIY Acapella

If you can’t find a specific acapella, consider creating your own. One method is using dedicated software to isolate vocal parts from tracks. Keep in mind that results can vary based on the source material and software used. Additionally, this approach can provide instrumentals and separate drum and synth parts.

  • Virtual DJ: Virtual DJ offers basic stem separation within their software, providing an affordable option, albeit with potential audio quality limitations.
  • Izotope’s Ozone: For professional-grade stem separation, Izotope’s Ozone is a powerful tool. While not budget-friendly, it’s available for rent on the Splice website.
  • LALAL.AI: The best solution for stem and vocal separation. High quality results. Buy credits and process what you need.


Finding high-quality acapellas can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor for DJs and producers. With these ten websites and the ability to create your own, you can easily find the perfect vocal tracks to elevate your mixes and create unique remixes. From Acapellas4U to Acapella Extractor, the world of acapellas awaits you.

Platform NameLinkDescription
Acapellas4uhttps://www.acapellas4u.co.uk/One of the largest collections of acapellas available online, with a range of genres and BPMs. Offers a free and premium membership option.
DJcityhttps://www.djcity.com/A record pool for DJs that offers a wide variety of music, including acapellas. Offers a paid subscription service.
Loopermanhttps://www.looperman.com/A community-based website that offers free acapellas and other audio samples.
Remixpackshttps://remixpacks.ru/A Russian-based website that offers a vast collection of acapellas and instrumentals for remixing purposes. Offers a free and premium membership option.
Vocal Downloadshttps://www.vocalsdownloads.com/A website that offers a collection of high-quality acapellas and vocal samples for use in music production. Offers a paid subscription service.
ACAPELLAS.euhttps://www.acapellas.eu/A website that offers a collection of acapellas covering various genres, including pop, hip hop, and EDM. Offers a free and premium membership option.
Free Vocalshttps://freevocals.com/A website that offers a collection of free acapellas and vocal samples for use in music production.
Acapella Archivehttps://acapella-archive.com/A website that offers a collection of acapellas covering various genres, including rock, pop, and hip hop. Offers a free service.
Acapella.nethttps://www.acapella.net/A website that offers a collection of acapellas and instrumentals for remixing purposes. Offers a paid subscription service.
Acapella Extractorhttps://www.acapella-extractor.com/A website that allows DJs to extract acapellas from any song. Offers a free and premium membership option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are Acapellas? Acapellas are isolated vocal tracks used for remixing purposes. These free acapella vocals provide the raw material for DJs and producers to create unique acapella music.
  2. How can I extract vocals from a song? Extracting vocals from a song is possible using tools like Acapella Extractor. This process enables you to isolate and work with acapella’s from your favorite tracks, enhancing your remixing capabilities.
  3. Can I use free acapella vocals for my music? Yes, you can! Many websites offer free acapella’s that you can use to elevate your music mixes and create distinctive acapella music. Explore the options available on these platforms to find the perfect free acapella vocals for your projects.
  4. Do I need to credit the artist when using an acapella? Yes, it’s crucial to credit the original artist when using acapella’s in your mix or remix. Giving proper attribution ensures respect for the original creators and their work.
  5. Where can I find the best sources for acapella music and free acapella vocals online? To discover the finest acapella music and free acapella vocals online, refer to our earlier guide. We’ve compiled a list of top platforms that cater to DJs and producers seeking the best DJ acapellas online. These resources offer a wealth of options to enhance your mixes and infuse creativity into your music.

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