produce music with ableton

Ableton DJ Mix Transitions

When programming Ableton DJ mixes, it’s important to be familiar with a number of mix transition techniques. For this tutorial, we will be using Ableton Live in conjunction with Key detection software. We’re using Mixed In Key but you can use any software which analyses your digital music files and tags them with a key.

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IZotope RX8 Music Rebalance

IZotope RX8 Music Rebalance

The IZotope RX8 Music Rebalance software is IZotope’s latest offering. They have been the world leaders in audio treatment software for a number of years and make products which are used by production houses, music, T.V and film producers. Tools for removing background hiss, mastering and retuning are all in their repertoire of packages which

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What is a mixtape

What Is A Mixtape?

Mixtapes have been a significant part of musical culture for decades, encompassing various genres and serving different purposes. From courtship tapes to break-up compilations, mixtapes have evolved over time to include a wide range of themes. Tim Walker from The Independent once highlighted their diversity, even mentioning the “tape you thought was a courtship tape

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